Support Act Helping you support your favourite acts ❀️

Music streaming services are super convenient 🎧

… but musicians earn a pittance from streaming royalties. πŸ“‰

… so maybe buying an album occasionally would help? πŸ’°

… and we can send you some suggestions based on what you listen to. ☺️

Support Act sends you a monthly email with a list of albums that you've been listening to lately - based on either your or Spotify account information - that you may wish to purchase, to better support the musicians you love. (And Support Act doesn't cost anything for you to use! 😎)

If you don't use either or Spotify, you might be able to connect a free account to your streaming service/device of choice, so you can still have Support Act work for you.

We try to suggest links as a starting point, but the place of purchase and the format (digital, vinyl, CD, etc) is entirely up to you. You can mark albums as purchased so we don't suggest them again. And we're not saying you should stop using streaming services! We just want to provide some gentle encouragement to help artists out a touch more, if you're in a position to do so.

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